A Farewell Letter for EDS 113

To my professor,

Thank you very much for being such an encouraging teacher. I remembered the time when I was really behind in my accomplishment of forums and e-journals yet you reached out with all your efforts to ask how I was doing. With your concern for each of your student, I have really seen the importance of the values behind the lessons of assessments in EDS 113 needed for an educator to be effective. In this subject, I as well have learned so much from you on with regards to the connection of the teacher and the students to create a lively and effective atmosphere for the teaching and learning process. Through the discussion forums just like the ones that students are required to generate the questions, it has also been interesting how I have been able to observe that students are not only the listeners, but can also be the fuel for a lively learning experience. In addition to this, I also appreciate that with your guidance, collaborations with my other classmates in terms of completing group assignments have helped me be more open-minded and cooperative with the opinions of others. Despite having a bit of difficulty in adjusting, I would also like to thank you Ma’am Juachon for opening me to the world of blogging through this platform. Not only am I encouraged to do in-depth reflections for the course of EDS 113, but I am also given courage to share more of my experiences, especially as a developing educator in this world. Thank you once again for being a great teacher in this subject Ma’am, and I appreciate the impact that you have shared to me for this term!

To my classmates,

Thank you very much for being so welcoming and kind to me. As a confession, I really felt like the worst student because being the youngest student gave me feelings of incompetence and inadequacy for not being able to share comprehensive discussions in this subject. Nevertheless, with every discussion or question that that I post, I will always love the feeling whenever someone chooses to reply to me and also leave words of encouragement and compliments. With this simple acts, I have really developed more appreciation for EDS 113 subject and also be more collaborative with regards to the aspect of learning. To my classmates here in EDS 113, I have really learned a lot from you about the greater understanding of the principles of assessments with personal experiences you have shared. From this interactive atmosphere in EDS 113, I have also been taught that to be an effective educator in the future, I should be able to help fuel collaboration for the connection between my students for them to feel excitement on looking forward with their learning journey. I hope we see each other once again in the future to share more about enlightening knowledge and experiences about teaching and learning.

To my future self,

I hope you wouldn’t forget all the things that you have learned in this beautiful subject of EDS 113. As an educator, I hope you would always get back to your EDS 113 folder in your Dell laptop filled with all the enlightening readings, recorded discussion forums and saved assignments that you have made with sleepless nights. I hope you would see this subject as a reminder to always make sure of making a comprehensive atmosphere for your students by using all types of assessments and not only focusing on one type. I hope you will always reflect on the good examples your professor and classmates from this subject had shared, and that is to always look on the abilities of the students by making sure of improving strengths and battling weaknesses. To my future self, I hope you can be proud of me as a student. I know that I might not have been the best in being accurate and comprehensive in this subject, but I am very glad to finish this term by accomplishing everything in this subject with genuine joy and happiness to be able to have the opportunity to travel the new dimensions of knowledge and information for teaching and learning. Always remember how much passion you have had developed for this subject, and I hope that you are now a great educator for the goal of helping students LEARN the EFFECTIVE WAY. 🙂



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